Product Care

Each Penyu Concept item is made from Indonesian Batik cloth. Batik cloth will fade over time.

To prolong the life of your Penyu Concept item, here are our top tips on how to care for your item:

  • Hand wash your Penyu Concept item in cold water, with a mild detergent or gentle soap that will react minimally with the dyes. Lerak is ideal if you can get your hands on it!
  • Wash your items separately. Batiks may bleed excess dye and there is no precise way to differentiate which batiks will bleed.
  • Line dry your Penyu Concept item in the shade. Exposure to light will result in fading and discolouration, just like any dyed textile.
  • Do not use bleach, strong detergents, or brighteners. Likewise, do not soak or rub.
  • Avoid heavy wringing or twisting.
  • Do not tumble dry.

Tip: Add a cap of white vinegar into water and wash your batik for a few minutes. This can help maintain the colour and may reduce bleeding (if any).