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Penyu Concept was born in 2022 as a ‘passion project’ for our founder. Following a recent trip to Bali, our founder found herself back in a cold and unusually wet Canberra winter. Putting on a batik dress acquired during that trip brought feelings of joy and a sense reverence for the Indonesian spirit, something we hope to share with you.

Penyu Concept offers effortlessly stylish and timeless designs. Crafted in Indonesian batik, each design is a wearable artwork that celebrates centuries of culture throughout the diverse archipelago of Indonesia.

Penyu Concept embodies all we love about Indonesia – the warmth and generosity of its people, its vibrant landscapes and the deeply spiritual heartbeat that permeates Indonesian daily life. The lessons learned and memories gained through our Indonesian travel and experiences lie at the heart of Penyu Concept.

Quality and intention are at the centre of everything we do. Each garment is carefully crafted to last, and we make mindful choices to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment.

indonesian batik

Penyu Concept’s designs feature Indonesian batik. Batik is an ancient wax resistant dying technique.

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Penyu means ‘turtle’ in Bahasa Indonesia. For Penyu Concept, turtles are a symbol of our wonderful memories from Indonesia.

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Penyu Concept is committed to reducing our impact on the environment through sustainable and mindful choices.

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