Indonesian Batik

Penyu Concept’s pieces are designed in Australia and handcrafted in Indonesia. Our batik fabrics are sourced from throughout Indonesia, including Yogyakarta and Solo.

Batik is an ancient wax resistant dying technique that is grounded in centuries of technique, symbolism and culture. Batik involves drawing designs onto fabric using hot wax, which resists dyes and allows the artisan to colour selectively by soaking the fabric in one colour, removing the wax with boiling water and then repeating.

Indonesian Batik is present in the lives of Indonesians from beginning to end: infants are carried in batik slings decorated with symbols designed to bring the child luck, and the dead are shrouded in funerary batik. Clothes with everyday designs are worn regularly in business and academic settings, while special varieties are incorporated into celebrations of marriage and pregnancy and into puppet theatre and other art forms.

In 2009, UNESCO recognized batik as a Masterpiece of Oral Intangible Heritage of Humanity. To mark the anniversary of this special occasion, Indonesians celebrate National Batik Day annually on 2 October.

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