Penyu Concept is committed to reducing our environmental footprint through mindful and sustainable choices.

carbon neutral

Your item will be shipped carbon neutral via Australia Post. Shipping a parcel emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is shown to harm the environment. 

Australia Post purchases carbon credits, mostly in Australia, to offset these carbon dioxide emissions.

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Sustainable & eco-friendly

Our packaging is 100% home compostable – satchel, labels, stickers, tissue paper inclusive. 

This means it will breakdown in composting environments and landfill (or waterways, should our packaging inadvertently end up there).

Our paper-based packaging is also FSC certified, made from recycled paper pulp and where possible, printed using soy-based inks or thermal printing, rather than petroleum-based inks.


Carbon Offsets

Every year, Penyu Concept offsets its carbon emissions. Carbon offsets allow individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact by purchasing carbon offset units generated from environmental projects that remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere or prevent them from being released in the first place.


Partnering environmental impact projects

Penyu Concept donates regularly to environmental impact projects.

Penyu Concept is a monthly donor of Sungai Watch. Sungai Watch installs trash barriers and organises clean ups to remove trash from waterways in Indonesia.

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Design choices

use of cotton

Penyu Concept emphasises the use of cotton in its clothing. Cotton is a natural fibre that is biodegradable and does not contribute to the microplastic pollution problem.

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